Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am thankful. I remember. I don't always feel the need to go out to remember and pay homage to those who died. Especially the volunteers and conscriptees in earlier wars.

But living in a small town I have to go out. Our students do a march and they're  in school uniform so we have to go. We look after them all.

It took over an hour for the service to go on. I was so proud of them. We had 20 of them aged 7 or under, 4 at 4, and they sat IN SILENCE for the entire time. Yes, there was lots of squirming and wriggling, but they did so well. Even the 15 year olds made me proud.

We pledged allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II which is kind of odd. But you know what? It kind of made sense. We are still a Commonwealth country and we are commemorating something that happened in service to her. Well, her father anyway.

Then we sang God Save The Queen. I know the lyrics because my grandmother taught us the decades ago because she was telling us about singing it as God save the Cat attack school. It was funny seeing the kids looking confused. But was really funny seeing the adults around standing not singing either.

I did enjoy the day.

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