Saturday, April 7, 2012


I get it. I know what it's about. Jesus allowed himself to be matyred for your souls.

I say yours because he didn't die for mine. He died so that people were brought closer to spirit and the light but, since there is no sin, he couldn't erase it. That's not to say that he couldn't do something like that.

He couldn't though. He was a great man. A great teacher. An enlightened man. A man who was extremely close to the light. But he wasn't the son of god. Or god himself.

This is then, my round about way of saying, "Yes, I understand why we get a 4 day weekend," but that I don't believe know the reason.

I do like the image of new life an rebirth that the eggs represent as part of the pagan religion that the Christians corrupted. And I am very happy with the gift giving and the being with friends and family.

And I am very happy that you believe Jesus died for your sins and are very saved and calm by that knowledge.

Have a great Easter!

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