Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I got up late today. Not too late- dead on the third alarm. I never used to be like that but this winter I am seemingly uncapable to get up on the first alarm. I have gotten dressed and pinned myself up. I need to 'cause my shirt's too low and I flash bra everytime I try to help one of the little ones (which is kinda a terrible idea.)

I removed my patchy green nailpolish with red french tips. That was brilliant polish. I have replaced it with clear polish with red glitter in it. I'm trying to convince myself that it's Christmassy enough. I changed my earrings too - yesterday I wore wreaths dangling from my lobes. Today I'm wearing candy canes!!!! I figure that this is the best way to do Christmas seeing as we're not supposed to do anything Christmas until Friday.

The head announced it in briefing with "I might sound like a Scrooge..." Why, yes, mr man banning Christmas! Just a little. But in reality I'm ignoring that advice. He did say that as long as it was educational it was OK. So, I figure that anything I do is educational.... as long as it's in the target language! Mwahahaha Evil plans afoot.

9 sleeps. Holy crap! (Interesting saying by the way... but the bus shall be arriving in 8 minutes and I still need to adon my body with two coats, a scarf, a beanie and gloves. Bloody cold. So the interesting that is the phrase "Holy Crap" will go undiscussed this time. [I guarantee you it's going to bug me all day])

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