Saturday, December 19, 2009

A picture of the real ugg boot I bought today. OK, I bought a knock-off... and two of them.

I just spent over 10 minutes writing a really informative, thought-provoking and very stream-of-consciousness (and let's face it, the writing that I do and my Dad likes is pretty much always stream-of-consciousness) post and then IE went all postal on me and crashed. I much prefer Firefox. IE is the devil. I know one of my friends from high school haad some kind of joke name, but blow me if I can remember...

Anyway.... I am going to endeavour to replicate the ideas of the post that is now in the middle of nowhere.

I finished at school today, rather like a whimpering dog than a big firework. I was looking forward to saying goodbye to everyone and maybe getting a formal send-off during the leaver meeting. I had even practiced my '2nd place' face - you know the one when you're happy for the other person if you didn't win - for when my headteacher forgot to mention me in his 'these people are buggering off' speech.

Then I woke up this morning. The landscape had turned miraculously from greys and smog to white and frost. Snow had fallen and settled during the night. Just what I didn't want. Snow is miraculous in that it covers up the rubbish on the side of the road, it hides the grass the council hasn't mown in six months, and it closes the schools.  We don't give our kids realistic expectations, 'cause they think that life stops if it snows. It doesn't unless you are school student, school teacher or someone who lives in Britain. But at least they had grit today - back in February they had to buy it from France and Ireland, and a table salt company stopped grinding and sold it to the government!

So, that all could have been summed up as, "It snowed so I didn't have school today but chose to go in anyway to clean my desk for the new teacher."

After 4 hours of marking and tidying, we caught a cab into town and went shopping!!! My friend bought a pair of Ugg boots for 179 quid. Not a lot you say??? That's about $380 Australian. I went next door and bought a pair of the picture above for 30 quid. I also bought a pair of jeans, a shirt, a ring and earrings.

I am currently lying in bed, trying to keep warm. I was supposed to go clubbing tonight with the old housemates, but we've had a few miscommunications and we've all been changing our minds, so not sure anymore what's going on. I kinda just want to buy a pizza and snuggle up to the blanket and internet.

Or the marking that's left over.

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  1. I love those uggs. Even more because they are a good deal!