Saturday, December 12, 2009

All going to the dogs

Not really sure that phrase has anything to do with what I did last night, but man, that's how I sure felt when I got out of our Taxi (why the capital, I ask myself?). We were meeting the rest of our work department for our Christmas dinner at....

the Dog Track.

Now, for 10 quid, I really wasn't expecting much. We got 2 quid totes (for some reason, you don't place bets on the animals in dog racing, you place 'totes' on 'tracks'.) I confused the bet-taker (not going to call the 40 year old man in a tshirt, drinking a bright red drink [which could only be red fanta, or lemonade with grenadine in it - pansy] a bookie) when I went up to the counter and, in all my wisdom of never having bet before, confidently stated, "1 pound on Morden's mist in race number 3". The man just stared at me. Rather conspicuosly I stood there. IN my work clothes - tailored brown pants, a peasant blouse with sequins all over it. In the incredible amount of tshirts and jeans, I well stood out.

Where was I? Oh yes. I then said, "Dog three in race three., one pound to place." He still just looked at me. This was not a glare. It was not angry. It was utter confusion. I've not even seen any of my wee kiddies look that blankly at me. It was a look of "What the hell is this woman talking about? Is she speaking a foreign language?" which is you think about it, I do all day at school but don't confuse people that much. In the end, he had the form guide in front of him and I reached over and pointed to the dog. A light came on! 1 pound to place? Yes!!!! I communicated.

So back to my expectations. 10 quid and I got two totes, two drinks, dinner and entry. Really really wasn't expecting much. We had a choice of scampi and chips or chicken nuggets and chips. I don't eat fries. I don't eat fried food (OK, sometimes I will have a pack of pringles... but I've eaten four packs all year). So I bought a burger. Wow! The food at the school canteen was miles better than that.

It did only get better though. It was incredible fun! I won 5 quid, so came out with money, and got to see a wholy different side to a couple of women from school.

And the best bit??? We talked about school for no more than half an hour, and it wasn't complaining!!!!

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