Thursday, December 10, 2009

Safe, warm, relaxed and calm

I am writing to you from my very own fortress. It is a comfortable fortress. It is a cushiony fortress. It is an extremely close to technology fortress. It is my safe haven from the wide crazy that is the 'borough.

I read ithe concept on a blog in October (word up to "Blogs of Note" - this invaluable tool has allowed me to stumble upon [a  word which I know I so shouldn't be using as I am sure it's copyrighted. Damn you, I stumbled across it - myself!!! Without a program to help me {OK, I guess the Blogger program helped me}]) and didn't really get it. So? You're sitting in your living room near the TV and with your laptop? Woot.

I am now a definite fortress convert. I come in from school, get changed (nothing better than loose jeans after 'smart' trousers) turn one light on and get comfy. It's like Homer J Simpson - my butt is starting to leave an imprint on the couch. I turn on my music (currently Christmas carols - In der Weihnachtsbäckerei!!!) and then watch some TV, do my planning, marking and generally just laze around. Ich faulenze - Je suis paresseuse *.

The only thing that has felt this comforting in a long time was a long hot bath with a good cry to 'the Book Thief' and then wrapping myself in towels straight out of the dryer. Ahhhh, heavenly bliss.

*Before anyone wants to get really picky - I am aware that Ich faulenze and Je suis paresseuse do not mean the same thing.

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