Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nail Marbling

So I've kinda got obsessed with my nails. I have in the past three months accumulated around 15 bottles of nail polish - and then E got me another 10 or so for Christmas!!! It's kinda a guilty obsession - 'cause I've always made fun of painted nails in different patterns and different colours every day. *shrug* I guess I've just got to own there is a bit of the chav and bogan (and yes, they are different species - Wikpedia obviously doesn't know the interacacies of the differences. Chav's, in the words of Nathan from misfits, have their hair pulled back so far that they look a little asian [OMG, totally racist] and wear Burbery, tiny little skirts or grey tracksuit pants about three sizes too big and huge gold hoops. Bogans on the other hand, wear jeans, flannelette, have their cigarettes held by their shirtsleeves and still think the mullet is in fashion.) in me, no matter whether I hope there isn't.

Anyway last night I tried finger paint marbling. Oh, ye gads, did that ever go atrociously wrong.

This is what I was heading for (albeit in green and red):

What I got was more like this:

 But even that's pretty compared to what I got. It was Terrible. That deserves the capital. I know that it will extend up the fingers 'cause of the way you do it, but I wasn't prepared for the great lack of consistent colour - it came up either really really dark on the green/red or like light green and pink. Then my polish remover sucks. I know this. It takes me way too long to remove any kind of nailpolish. So I couldn't remove it from my hands. What kind of nailpolish doesn't allow you to remove polish from flesh!!! I opened my travel pack of nail polish wipes (like make up remover pads but for nail polish.) BEST INVENTION EVER! These got rid of the nail polish better than I've been able to with  'proper' remover for the last thre months. Well chuffed.

So now I've bored you stupid about nails and polishing, I am going to brave the snow and pray I don't fall over again so that I can get some food in.

**In fairness of copyright laws, I must tell you that all pictures in this post are not mine and were found through google images. I apologise to those people who were able to get marbling done properly...*


  1. Hehehe...brave attempt! I still want to see the real photo of your nails though.

  2. I didn't take a pic of them. I will give it another go tomorrow to be ready for Christmas Eve. I will attempt to get a pic in all the stages for you.