Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Holmes-baby has never really attracted me. I mean the story. All a bit homo-erotic to me - two men living together as bachelors? yeah, like Cary Grant (I'm totally if I got his name wrong!) and that other dude and their dog. 'Just Friends' *Pfffft.*

However I really enjoyed the new film with Downey Jnr and Law in it. Holmes was a bit camp, but Old Coke-head carried it off. Bumbling idiot and not taken at all seriously. My kind of 'victorian crime thriller'. Mr 'I like my nannies warm' was the straight man - oh, look a double whammy - and it managed to negate my annoyance at the whole 'friends' thing. Really trying to get out of Sherlock (what the hell kind of stupid name is that? Almost as stupid as the girl on Waterloo Road called Sambuca)'s grasp but always getting pulled back in.

I swear I annoyed E - I kept saying, "Yeah, that's right, kill the Necromancer" *oopps* Oh, well, sometimes you get things really wrong.

My movie career in the UK is now well and truly over. Too much money must be paid for the privilege and I don't have much. :( And, I finally got so jack of the seats not having drink holders so you've gotta hold on for the duration of the film. Bah.

2 more days of this month, year and decade left. I'm of the 'decade starts before the 1st year' Don't care what others think. So a full decade will have passed in two days time since the millenium started.

What's happened? The millenium dome's been revamped, I've been to Europe three times - Germany twice and England once (still gonna get the tattoo design done that I want... when I get up the courage...) graduated uni and kept a teaching job for a year. I've done a lot. Proud.

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