Saturday, December 19, 2009

White man dancing!!!

A warning goes out to the wide world - there were white men dancing in my town tonight. Badly. Can a white man dance rythmically? They're either dancing in the 80s (hell yeah - lawnmower, sprinkler, cash register), spazzing widly and hitting people or dirty dancing so disgustingly with their partners (or, interestingly, each other) that people feel decidedly ill.

(Has anyone noticed yet that this is my second post in 12 hours?)

We went clubbing tonight. If you've read aforementioned post, you will know that it snowed so much that the school was closed today. So I caught a cab into town at 8.30pm. I thought fleetingly about walking; but one instant outside made me laugh at myself and head back inside to call a taxi. He turned up on time, and drove sanely to where I wanted to go. Then, I got out of the car, after giving him a 1 quid tip and walked around behind the car, thinking he would drive off forwards. No. It seems he didn't want to do that. He reversed. Right into me. Before you get worried, it was so slow I didn't know what it was to begin with. Then some drunk dude on the footpath hit the car and the same instant I realised that I was being pushed by the car. He drove off without checking. I didn't hit the ground and promptly forgot about it, so I obviously wasn't worried.

I was with my old housemates, and bar one woman (who on noticing my new-found happiness and confidence asked what his name was) I get on with them really well. R got sooooo drunk. Not talking a little drunk, I'm talking insanely drunk. And we were all tipsy but not drunk. So, at 1am R decides that it's time to go home and says, "let's go outside and get a cab" And for some reason this sounded like a great idea, so we traipsed outside into the snow.

40 minutes until the cab arrived. In -2.5 degree heat. Or, should I say absence of heat? Never have I been so cold in my life. It was warm when I arrived home - of course. But now 15 minutes later, in bed, with my thermal underwear on, I am really cold again. :(

But, ignoring the cold, the being almsot run over by a cab, the huge fight that started in the toilets and spilled out onto the dancefloor including at least 10 men and the almighty drunkeness that was R, I had one of the best nights of my life!

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