Saturday, January 1, 2011


My goal this year:

To look back on the 31st December 2011 and be happy with my decisions. And to look positively on everything.

Then I was kicked out of my friends' house - not as rude as it sounds, her baby doesn't settle with people other than Mum and Dad in the house and he had slept around 1 hour since 9am (it was 7pm at this time) so I left. I asked her if I should leave.

We all hung out at her house today for NYE (yes, I know it's a day late) because C can't be taken of routine atm. I understand that and it was actually really enjoyable - no drinking, just chatting and lunch. A really grown up NYE! But everyone there was paired off at least and most were pregnant.

So, all I heard for 5 hours was f**cking crap about pregnancy, babies, how rude people who don't have kids are (? Hello, I'm just trying to give you new ideas if I mention something, and yes, I know I don't have children. I know that. You don't need to rub it in.) and how people shouldn't discipline others' children. If your child uses my digital camera, I don't expect you to let him stick his finger on the lens. I told him not to, sat down and explained that if you touch that, your finger smudge will be on every photo after and he said sorry (he's 4.) If you're not going to keep an eye on my $350 equipment, then I have to!

But anyway, my positivity went out the window. It just reminded me how single, unsecure (I have been given a full time job with the Ed dept, but it is smack bang in the middle of the floods, so I don't know I'll be there to start) and unloved I am.

And no, familial and friendship love doesn't bloody well count.

So, contrary to my goal of positivity, I went to Nando's, sobbed while waiting for my food and brought 8 Cruisers. I thought drinking before the New Year was customary?


  1. :(

    I have kids, and I hate comments like that about how rude/selfish people without kids are. I had someone corner me once and lecture me about how it wasn't right for us to only have one child, we should be less selfish and get onto it. What if we'd been trying, and struggling to conceive?

    And I don't consider it discipling other people's children if you ask him to not touch something that belongs to you. Smacking him? Yes, I'd be angry at that, but a gentle request? I'd appreciate it, he needs to know what's okay and what isn't, and I can't have eyes everywhere.

    Your new FT job is going to be the very start of what is a brilliant year! :)

  2. I don't say this to other commenters often (if ever..?), but I have to say to Amy up there ^^^ Jesus, how rude was that to take you aside and say that! We've had that too - "shouldn't you be getting onto giving your child a playmate" Grrrrr

    Moragg, I am so sorry you felt so ousted. I too really despise over-opinionating by parents. it goes on far too much. Apparently, once you're in the club you're supposed to join them and continue to over-opinionate and out-judge each other. Nu-uh, no thanks.

    To reassure you, there ARE very many non-judgmental adults with children out there, and surprise surprise.... they have conversations for entire evenings without even mentioning child rearing! Fancy.

  3. Thank you Being Me.
    My BFF is the one with the newborn and I totally get it - we talk about C a lot. And I don't mind. It was when everyone in the world was there and talking about babies it was too much.

    Like the week before when we all got together and everyone talked about Dungeons and Dragons for three hours. Too much of one topic sends me bananas!