Friday, January 7, 2011

Hugs make the world go round

They do. Oh, they really do.

I got C for twenty minutes or so today before he started crying. Go me! I'm starting to slowly get a not-so-negative reaction from my nephew and I tell you, I totally needed it. I was starting to get paranoid.

I know young children are scared of me, but I really wanted C to like me and let me cuddle him.

He has consistently now, for the last three visits, allowed me to hold him for over half an hour.

I was getting 45 seconds before screaming started.

I know I'm not his Mumma. I know that I'm just some random woman who comes over sometimes.

But holding him in my arms is so special.

I love my BFF (oh dear God, she is my closest friend and loves me unconditionally, but I don't know that she'd like being called my BFF) and that she is welcoming and allows me the title of 'Auntie' and is including me in the life of her special little guy.

He is gorgeous.

I hope my kids can play with him and his siblings when they arrive.

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