Saturday, January 15, 2011

Conan O'Brien

Normally I hate him.

Well, I like him more than Letterman or the other fella he had a fight with. Just don't find him funny.

But I needed to slough off my sadness, so was listening while typing.

He asked 'staffers kids' how their parents liked working for him.

1. She wishes that Conan had some kind of disease.
2. After working for Conan, he says there is no God.
3. Conan gave Mum $5000 and told her it was time for new boobs.
4. Conan threw hot coffee in my Dad's eyes and he can't see now. Conan calls him 'Blindy Mcnosight."

I giggled.

*Disclaimer. I don't think these are real. They were incredibly good looking and ethnically diverse children. But it tickled my funny bone. Or as King Francois said in 'The Tudors' tonight, tres amusant.
**Disclaimer Two: I know we don't have a funny bone, it's a nerve. I also understand that it's not funny for the person who's hit it.
*** Disclaimer Three: I know it's funny for other people 'cause it's painful and seeing people in pain is funny. Kind of like farts.
**** Disclaimer Four: I don't know whether tres needs an acute or accent. I could look it up, but I can't be bothered.

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