Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The house in which I live is not in a suburb with flooding warnings.

I have still put all my electronics into a bag, with my certificates and passport etc. Most of my other stuff is up in the top shelf (you know the one, the obnoxiously high one in the cupboard that you can never reach.)

I have things on my bed. On my desk. We are contemplating getting out the sandbags.

So, I hear you ask, "If you're not on the flood warning list, why are you getting prepared?"

Because my mother bought a townhouse less than 100m from the creek. At the bottom of an almost perpendicular hill. At ground level.

Being prepared is the motto of the day.

I hope everyone in any part of the flooding and fires in Australia are safe.


  1. Much better to be prepared. Even if you feel like an idiot in three days time having to get the stuff back down again, it's better than rushing around at the last minute, forgetting things, and putting your life at risk.

    Hope that you'll be feeling stupid in a few days time! (and doesn't that sound like a horrible thing to say!!)

  2. Yeah, we're fine. The creek is lower than I've seen it in weeks. Gonna keep an eye out in case it starts coming up, but we're lucky it's not connected to the Brisbane River.