Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Merger

It was beautiful... and the rain held off! It was torrential 30 seconds after they got in their limosine to go to their first night in wedded bliss... but for the day it was excellent. Which, *phew* was good 'cause it was in a garden.

I had a great time - I got to catch up with people from high school that I've seen (maybe) twice since then - 1999. It was such a good night. And we've all agreed that we're going to have coffee at some point next month. :) I really hope that eventuates.

D looked resplendent in her white gown - it was absolutely gorgeous. There is nothing else I can say about it, except that it was radiant and probably the best suited wedding dress I've seen recently. (I'm really sorry to those other brides I've seen who, of course, looked gorgeous in their choices as well, but D was just outstanding - it really just matched her and looked like she was born to wear it.)

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  1. It sounds like a beautiful wedding, glad you enjoyed it!