Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just for something different, it's raining today. It's quite a good thing for me really; I don't have to deal with the humidity without being able to go out into the rain and 'cool' down. It's also 'raining' metaphorically.

I seem to have lost all my documentation from England. Not good, and I don't think I have enough 'pull' to get them all again! A few times my old programming of 'why does this always happen to me?' and 'what's the point of my life?' jumped up. But the new me went NO. You are not going to go into this old programming. I still cried, but that was frustration... rather than 'wow is me'.

I went to Sarina Russo as part of my Centrelink signing on and was told, 'Oh, you've got a degree. We can't really help you.' Oh well.

So all in all not a great day. But then I checked my blog and kellyansapansa has given me a blog award. It's my first one. I have lost my 'blog award' cherry. ;) I read lots of blogs (but have been really lax in the last two weeks due to travel) and love love to receive comments. So, I need to post the picture, and then pass the award to 12 people.

Thank you so much for making my day Kelly!

Fat Mum Slim - gorgeous blog!
A Little Time for Me - my honourary sister. All about her, her uni and her lovely little boy Will!
Sunny Side Up - a lovely blog honouring a journey through life with infertility. Very touching and honest.
Meaningless Meanderings of a Madmother - great blog from a woman who is as random as me. :)
I want to give it back to Kellyansapansa, cause her blog is brilliant and she's a great commentator, but I don't think I really should.
The Daily Nail - a blog of 365 new nail designs.
Erica at Tartraz - a well written blog about her life and renovations. Found through Natalie (below)
Natalie - found through Blogger's 'Blog of Note'. Before I found blogthis, my favourite blog. I tend to read lots of Mormon blogs. They are sooo gorgeous - her dogs are cute. This is so well written, I would buy this as a book.
Chronicles of Sharnia - I think I read this 'cause of the phenomenal header. Not that she's uninteresting though.
Alliecat at In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat. Just gorgeous.

So I know it's not 12 and I apologise. There are other blogs that I lurk on and may read, but the ones above are the ones I really like to read. But again, this made my day.


  1. I'm glad I helped to cheer you up on what sounds like a frustrating day. Chin up, it will get better!

  2. Thank you Meg! :)

    Oh, and Welcome Home!!!!!!!

  3. Firstly, thank you for the award, and secondly, how in hell is it your first? I always enjoy your blog, I wrongly assumed you would have multitudes...

    Shame on me.

  4. Madmother - thank you. I'm happy with it being my first 'cause I was able to get warm fuzzies on a bad day! Also, having comments so regularly tells me I'm doing something right. Thanks!

  5. You can't judge a blog by its header haha. Thanks... I think?!

  6. It's definitely a compliment. I am quite visual, so having a brilliant header sucked me in, and then the writing and interest kept me there!

  7. Meg, thank you thank you thank you! You are way, waaayyy too kind. I am going to have to poke around this site of yours a bit more today! And I am glad you found Erica at tartraz to be so awesome. I have such a girl crush on her ;).


  8. You are welcome! I love your blog Natalie. And your dogs are gorgeous (oh, and your husband too...) :)