Monday, February 15, 2010

The first way I knew I was changed

 - I am not jealous of my sisters' weight.

I am being totally honest here - and am at a risk of getting in trouble here 'cause my Dad reads this and I think the sister does too - but it needs to be said.

I have dealt with jealousy forever. I hate it, but I have been insanely jealous of my younger sister for probably my entire life. She knows this. We've talked about it. I've written apologies.

I was soooo worried about coming home because she is looking so good. Phenomenal. She just shines.

I walked through that door at the airport and just felt... proud. She's done so much work and looks happy. I'm happy for her and I'm proud of what she's done.

I am a different person.


  1. That's a huge step forward - well done!

  2. How good did that realisation make you feel! Wow, well done.

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