Monday, February 8, 2010


Blogthis is running their new competition, and it is 'if you woke up with a new superpower, what would it be?' Now, although I know what 'power' I would have... I think I've always known, I thought I'd scout the other blogs and see what their writers have chosen. I'm always on the look out for new blogs, and this would have the added bonus of (maybe) giving me a brand new idea for a superpower that would blow mine out of the water.

Sarah at Just Me wants to have the 'spoonful of sugar' fingersnap. Now, that would be cool. Not having to do anything again, just 'snap!' and make everything a game. But, unfortunately, I would end up being a whale. I don't know that I would ever actually get out of bed again. So, nope, that's out.

Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM thinks that having the ability to read other's minds to see what the hell they are thinking would be cool. Ummm... I don't think I'm quite ready to have the blunt truth thrust upon me, thanks very much. And her description of Super What The Hell Were You Thinking Women kinda reminds me of Mr Muscle or the Napisan woman - just arriving in your house and telling you what you're doing wrong. Li-hittle *DR COX VOICE* too creepy for me.

Jenifer has found a superpower already - you can see it at Odyssey - and I joined her in that last year. So, while it's a brilliant power, I've already got it, and it's the imagining of what I could do that makes this challenge interesting. But, great for you Jenifer, I'm glad you had such a breakthrough year.

Jodi over at missea and Jade at She is Jade, have found a brilliant one. Both for self-worth and the world. Healing other people. Such a selfless power though, and I'd be scared that someone I 'hated' needed help and I'd walk past. Too much power for me. :(

The ability to duplicate myself, a la, Kellyansapansa would be pretty cool, but you know what? I'm too ashamed of me to want other people to have twice as much running around in the world. Although the perk of getting everything done would be exciting. So, no, another power I'd have to pass up.
Madmother's faith entrusted by her son is my goal for superpowers but at the moment I have no child. My dog kinda has that look, but I don't whether it's trust or her blindness.  But I honour Madmother's contribution to the world through her powers. Good work!
Alliecat's power is just as selfless and pure - to protect children. But again I'm just too selfish. There is a reason that I am a teacher and not a social worker. Even as a teacher it's well hard to separate yourself from the horrid lives that these children go through. I know myself and know that I am not a strong enough person to be able to handle the lives that these people endure objectively. I would go insane. So, again, not a power that I could have.

Which brings me to the power I've aways said, since I was about 15. I would have complete control of my brain, without having any negative social impact. You know that concept that we only have access to 10% of our brain and if we could access the whoel thing we could do anything? Like fly, manipulate our appearance, telekinesis, telepathy - you name it? I strongly and whole-heartedly subscribe to this theory. So, that's the power that I would have. But, I must add - I always add that codicil - no negative social impact. The theory comes with supreme mental problems, so I always say that if I had  mental powers, I would have them without the problems.
That's my power - what's yours?


  1. Love this post! Wonderful (and even better as I am mentioned, lol).

  2. Haha - nice summary of entries (and thanks for the link). Your superpower sounds awesome!

  3. PS - there's a little something for you over at my blog.