Thursday, February 25, 2010

Questions that have been bugging me.

As previously posted, I watch a lot of TV. Being unemployed makes that level just soar. While I've been watching in the past few days, I've had some questions that are bugging me.

When is 42 attendants at your wedding just too much?
 And when is it acceptable?
 And when can you not decide between your friends who to include?

Does the only little person in the children of the Roloff family get jealous of his brothers and sisters?

Why do we think it's phenomenal when someone in the olympics has a mother die close to the performance and they decide to compete?

Why do we say 'lost' somebody when someone dies? I always think, "Well, that was pretty careless of them."

What woman, even with God's love, is happy to have 18 children a la the Duggar family?

Why do women getting c-sections get their arms tied down?
And why is the father outside until the spinal is in and said arms tied down?
(This one, I could answer if I googled...)

Why, when thousands of people are paying for the TV channel, do pay tv stations buy 5 episodes and just play them on a loop?

What kind of questions pop into your heads when you are watching television?


  1. I don't watch television - and reading your post, it sounds like I'm not missing much!

  2. The main things I watch are news on the ABC, Spicks & Specks, Doctor Who and the Daily Show, with a bit of Top Gear here and there for silliness.

    The one question that pops up watching anything else is, "People watch this crap?"
    Just two minutes of the morning shows is enough to depress me. And the commercial news is so dumbed down I can't believe more people don't feel insulted by it.

  3. I understand Bill. I often think, why the hell am I watching this?

    And the news makes me so mad I don't watch it, unless it's DW (which is getting dumbed down) or BBC. I can't be doing with 'and a kangaroo was found, saved and released into the wild'. Not news people.