Sunday, February 28, 2010

Excellent weekend

I am so grateful for a couple of my friends this weekend. We went to the pub on Friday night for $2 cocktails... which, unsurprisingly, were weak as. But hey, $2 isn't to be sniffed at! Had so much fun and had my first foray into the dating world in Australia. :) It was so great.

We went back to their house and I kicked butt on Guitar Hero on the Wii. Excellent fun. We were up until 4am... and man, I felt it today.

I went to the Believing Women for a Culture of Peace and we spent 4 hours planning an anti violence towards women project. It was fun and so great to be involved in something like that. I will be returning.

Then we (the same friends) went to Fasta Pasta for dinner. *Yummy* Such nice food and great value. Lemon Lime and Bitters like only Australians can make. Saw the younger sister of an old friend and she has grown up!

The Blind Side was the next thing that we did. It was a brilliant movie. Don't know she deserves an Oscar, but it was definitely the best movie I've ever seen her in. And in case you don't know who I'm talking about = Sandra Bullock.

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