Friday, January 29, 2010

And a Little Blue Box

Hi! My name is Amy and I have the pleasure of being your guest blogger today. Meg asked me to drop in and bestow upon you some oodles of advice, wisdom and humour around the topic of TRAVEL.

Now, this is where our issue beings. You see, I don't know very much about travel. As in very little. As in I would go so far as saying I HATE travel. All that planning and worry and stress and thinking and converting cash and deeeep breath. Meg's not asking me to travel, just to write about it.

I will have to admit to you that my most extensive experience with travel is repeatedly watching Dr Who episodes.

David Tennant is my favourite Doctor. Look at that smoldering glare. Mmmmm

But, in the interest of somewhat keeping with the topic, I'm going to share with my top 5 travel locations. Note these are not in any particular order, I'm a busy woman and didn't have much time to put together a blog plan, this is all just coming out of my head as I write.


This just looks delicious. Long, relaxing days lounging around and eating grapes. Oh, when I say Ancient Rome, I mean TV Ancient Rome- nice dresses, cleanliness, and handsome men. Don't go lecturing me about the 'real' ancient Rome- I don't care much for your 'reality'.


The only overseas trip I've ever been on is to New Zealand. My husband & I honeymooned there 2.5 years ago (wow, 2.5 years of marriage. I can't believe we haven't killed each other yet). We stayed for two weeks, and it took me at least a week and a half to get comfortable, to adjust to the timezone, and figure out how much money I was allowed to spend, and oh yeah, it took that long for me to loose all feeling in my fingers, it was just that cold.


There are a number of reasons I want to visit the superpower of the modern world, the least not being that my husband was born there, they believe in supersizing foods and they make the most adorable baby boys clothes in the universe. At the moment, the main pull of the USA is to meet my favourite blogger of the moment. Her name is Katie, and her blogs from Confessions of a Young Married Couple have been known to make me shoot water out of my nose. They also have an adorable little boy they've nicknamed The Bean, and he's so cute that I just want to squeeze him and his tiny, cute baby face.


Because Meg is here! Except she's not- seven days from now, she'll be home, back in the land of Oz (and back to blogging!).

Okay, so that's four. But I can't think of a fifth, because well, I'm not a traveller. I'd rather eat a massive bowl of ice-cream than visit another nation any time of day.

Oh, and while I have your attention (I still have your attention, right? Or did you give up back at David Tennant?), I'll sign off. If you want more, come visit me here.

Anyway, I hope this was somewhat okay and I'll be asked back for more guest spots later, and well, she's moving back to Australia, and thereby able to track me down. She knows where I live!

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  1. Nice list! The minute they invent a time machine I'm travelling to ancient Rome for sure!