Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are gathered here today...

to celebrate the joining of Corinthe' and Ian in holy matrimony... although it wasn't necessary holy. It was in a church but they aren't really religious and there was no mention of God at all. It was, like Shantell and Marcus' so them. I really like the way that weddings these days really reflect the participants rather than just the 'legal' and 'religious' aspects of the ceremony.

Lisa turned up even later than we did and, man, that chick can decorate! It was so gorgeous. Really lovely. I was, not unlike the last wedding, worried about the fact that we were decorating and it wasn't 'organised' Again though, I realised half way through the preparation that it would be OK. It was what the bride and groom ((or as the lovely 4 year old attending tonight said, 'The Bride Girl and Bride Boy')) wanted. So what is wrong with that?

Really, why would I want to impose my idea of the traditional and conventional wedding on people that are anything but? Is this my own insecurity? I think so.   I am not engaged. I am single. Hopelessly single. And, you know what? That's OK. So why when I am involved in weddings do I get all 'teacher' and start bossing and stressing out? I know that I frustrated S&M a couple of years ago, and I hope that I didn't frustrate C too much - I know I did 'cause she made comments about my stressing - and for that I am eternally sorry.

The next wedding is next week and I really hope I can change this reaction.

Oh, and next post will be over the weekend with happy pictures of the afore-mentioned decorations (and much much less introspection.)

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