Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ten confessions. They might shock you, or they might not. You might see yourself reflected in them, or you might not. And I must warn you - there is a little too much information in this post... so look away if you don't want to be grossed out!

1. Debt. I have a lot of this. $12,000 personal loan, $1300 credit card, $9850 Mum, $7700 Dad. It is crippling. And while I really want to work in Japan, America, Canada and NZ, I can't justify doing this before I am debt-free. For this reason, I am absolutely willing to move to the boonies and take up a remote area placement. And I'm willing to live in school catchment there so I can walk/catch a bus (but I'm not willing to give up the car permanently... and let's be honest here, Brisbane public transport sucks, so this might not eventuate.)

2. Food. I hate cooking for myself and this year have pretty much lived off cheese sandwiches.

3. Toenails. I don't cut them until they start cutting my shoes. Ewww.

4. Hair. I own two brushes, but don't brush it. I think I've brushed my hair three times since 2008.

5. Bricks. I have to walk in the direction of the bricks in the sidewalk. Makes walking along fishbone patterns tricky.

I have many more secrets. I'm a secretive gal. This gal has to keep some things secret. 

What are some of your confessions?


  1. Wow - it's very brave of you to post these! I also hate cooking and avoid it whenever possible.

  2. 1. I have no idea where Peterborough is and really must go look at my atlas.
    2. I do live in what a lot of city dwellers call the boonies and yet we drove for the same amount of time to get to work in Sydney, difference is that was 4klms in peak hour traffic and this 40klms.
    3. I would live in my pj's if I could. In the school holidays we are often still not dressed at 4pm.
    4. I have litle obsessive rituals, my kids call them spells.
    5. I will have to kill you if you tell anyone about the other four!

  3. Madmother; don't worry about not knowing where Peterborough is - even I'm not totally sure. (Just checked a map) It's around 100 kms north of London in the UK. Good thing to find out a week before leaving huh?

  4. How exciting! I loved the UK (spent a year backpacking in 92/93).

  5. I NEED to see a picture of your hair now!