Friday, January 29, 2010

Church squatting

Where we are staying has bedbugs. Well, actually, not the apartment we're in. The rest of the complex. So we had to move out for two nights so that the spraying could occur.

Where would we stay?

We had no money. We had no friends (OK, not technically true, but none of their friends could accommodate four people [two strangers from far off lands!]) We had no desire to sleep in the -30 degree 'heat' outside... what to do?

So the bride had a brainstorm - we would stay in the church!!!

I was excited to go for this adventure - one of the best stories I have from Germany is sleeping on the train station after Oktoberfest - but it kinda sucked. Not overly. It was warm, it was (air-mattress) comfortable, and it was sans payment.

We are back in the apartment now and the static electricity after the fumigation is incredible; I'm itching, my jacket is making electrical noises and we keep shocking each other.

But I'm with friends. I'm feeling confident. I am enjoying myself. Oh, and I discovered Tim Hortons.

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  1. I'm sure this too will become a fabulous story in a few years time, with a bit of artistic licence of course!