Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anthems of England

I was listening to one of my Christmas Presents today and wondering if, in this day and age of internet downloads, whether one of my current favourite tunes was released at home yet. I want to teach Nikki something other than Chipmunk about the music scene here....

I stumbled upon this blog - I cannot describe Cheryl Cole's 'Fight for this love' any better than this. Insipid, boring the first few times, but dear God, it worms its way into your brain and you just start singing along and tapping your feet. Damn her.

Cheryl Cole – “Fight For This Love”

Other favs this year have included

- BEP "I gotta feeling" First time I heard this was on a viral email in relation to the flash mob at Harpo studios. It's then become the anthem of clubbing... not unlike BEP in Germany. I think everytime I go overseas they release a new album!

- JLS 'Everyone in love' Jack the Lad Swing. Apparently. They came 2nd in 2008's X-Factor (the British equivalent of Idol). I've only just come around to these guys in the last month of so; I was too guilty to listen before 'cause they were reality tv stars. *gasp*

- Alexandra Burke 'Bad Boys' (w/ Flo Rida. I'm sorry, sir, just putting a space in the middle of the word does not negate the fact you've called yourself after a state and that it's pronounced Florida) The winner of 2008's X-Factor. Two singles later and I only like this 'cause the aforementioned man with the silly name is on it.

- Jason Derulo 'Whatcha say' This was on the CD that I got from Secret Santa and I just like it. Not sure why.

- Chipmunk 'Oopsy Daisy' Silly name. Silly silly name. Great song.

- Snow Patrol 'Just say yes' Have had a little - no, scratch that - a humungous Snow Patrol thing this year. I chose this one 'cause it's the current, but it's not my all-time fave of theirs. I'm not sure what is though. Their entire post Run catalogue is.

- AR Rahman & Nicole Sherzinger 'Jai Ho' Catchy, Bollywood dancing - what more can one ask for? Well, I would adore this even more if a PCD wasn't on it.

- David Guetta Sexy Chick I like this because of the line - "I'm trying to think of a way to describe this girl without being disrespectful'. Amuses me 'cause the song is called 'Sexy Chick'.

- Michael Buble 'Haven't met you yet' Orgasm in sound. 'nuff said.

- Kings of Leon 'Use Somebody' First heard in Dancing on Ice in 2008. Just an excellent track. Almost heaven.

- Paramore's Live Lounge cover of 'Use Somebody' Pure genius. Unlike the two versions of Run where there is definitely a clear winner on the 'better' version, these two are so different that I adore both versions. Actually, this song isn't almost heaven - it is. I think even Jedward could sing this and pull it off. OK. They couldn't. They couldn't let themselves out of a deathtank a la Jigsaw if all they had to do was sing one note in unison. But "Use Somebody" is on my list of best songs ever written.

- Hedley 'Old School' (No link for this one ladies and gents - it was all emo kids pashing and creating fan vids with them and their sims characters)

- Kelly Clarkson 'My Life Would Suck Without You'. A guilty pleasure is KC. Her album is brilliant.

- James Morrison & Nelly Furtado 'Broken Strings' I would swear this is a song I heard first in Australia, but it is an anthem in England 'cause it was big in the early part of 2009 here.

These songs will have good conotations forever. I love music.


  1. Wow - I absolutely love that Paramore cover of Use Somebody. Nice list!

  2. What about my version of the Australian anthem? Why is it not on the list? :>

  3. Becausse a tone deaf rendition of the word Australia being repeated over and over just doesn't cut the mustard against Snow Patrol or Kings of Leon. Sorry.