Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going, going, gone

I am gone. I've left. I am not in England anymore. I've decamped.  I got the hell off the island.

In case you can't tell... I've left for my holiday in Canada.

I'm going to be über busy and may not be able to upload during this time. (I will try to post about the Wedding I'm going to at least, but I may forget.) But I might just set up some auto-loads tonight to go throughout the week. Such a cheat. *blush*

If any of my friends replied, you may get a couple of guest posts during the week. If they post, go check out their blogs (if they plug it!)

Have a heap of fun and post away - I will catch up on my return.... to Australia!!! *Weeee* I'm home in less than a fortnight!


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