Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I know my blog hasn't been up to its normal standard recently. I enjoy writing my blog - it gives me an outlet, and I love it when people comment. I love being able to write light posts, even if it's about something 'dark'. I just can't seem to at the moment.

I have been at home trying to find something to do - read: bored out of my skull - for the past month. I don't cope well without work. I'm not down; I'm still feeling quite positive about life, I just am not my normally verbose and up-beat blogger.

I apologise. I will bring it up to scratch in the next few weeks when I'm in Canada and back home. *eee*

Oh, and I will finally post a pic of myself - if nothing else, to let the people who were interested to see my non-brushed hair.


  1. That's exactly what blogs are for....blabbing. My theory is that I write for me, if it's boring, people can just skip it :)

    How many more sleeps till home?