Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In my cupboard are...

1. an unopened squeeze bottle of honey
2. a bottle of spaghetti sauce (basil and tomato)
3. a tin of crushed tomatoes
4. 1/2 packets of spaghetti
5. a pack of split peas.
6. raspberry tea
7. nettle tea
8. 1 jars of three bean mix
9. camomile tea
10. peppermint tea
11. turkish green tea
12. turkish apple tea
13. 1 box of meal replacements (12 meals apparently)
14. 6 taco shells
15. taco salsa
16. taco seasoning
17. 1/2 onion
18. 9 kipfler potatoes
19. 2 eggs
20. 2L cranberry juice
21. 12 fish fingers
22. 2 beef patties
23. a bag of frozen peas
24. 1/3 tub of soya spread
25. 3 individual packs of frozen vegetables
26. A pack of Quorn sausages.
27. 1 cans of lentils
28. A pack of Quorn mince

Hey! When you list it like that it doesn't look as little as it does when it's in the cupboard. I had two taco shells with the last of the ketchup for dinner. Nope, no meat no cheese.

But now I can see how much I've got left, I might go and make taco burgers... oooppps. No ketchup.

(To explain: I'm moving back to Australia in 13 days and can't afford to buy anything else and am pretty loathe to throw things out... but I'm so uninspired by what I've got left.)

Any ideas???

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