Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolutions Schmesolutions.

I love that word. Actually I love that prefix. Schm-. Replace the beginning of a word with 'schm' and it's instantly negated. The best one - death schmeath.

Anyhoo... I joined Blogthis (see the little nifty link down on the right? Go ahead - click it!) and they do challenges. The one that is to be done this week is 'anti-resolutions'. I find that challenge pretty broad. I mean, I spend all my time being really specific. "You must include this, this and this. It must be presented in type, don't forget homework club. It must be presented to me on time, unless you speak to me first." I am forever taking a big topic and boiling it down to the nitty gritty and then getting absolutely specific on how that knowledge is to be regurgitated. Education systems don't favour originiality or non-conforming.

Ok, so that was starting to be a rant and I thought I'd stop it.

My anti-resolutions? I decided this year I wasn't going to make any. I always break them and spend some time feeling guilty and upset and then move on to other resolutions. My goals are in a constant change of flux. So, I don't have iron-clad musts this year. Just things I've been a-thinking 'bout and have decided they are going to come to fruition this year.

1.  Join a church. I don't necessarily believe in any orthodox religion. I don't pray to God, Allah or whatever conventional wisdom says. I celebrate Christmas as a non-religious getting together with friends (oh dear, I may offend people here) and being with people I love. I eat sugared candy in Easter 'cause that's what we do in Australia. I also believe in the healing power of crystals and energy lines within the body and spend my time attempting to join my energy with the ground and the universe. Even though The Secret is a crappy film - Channel 9 seriously, up your freaking budget! - I believe in it.

Reincarnation, yes. Guidance from angels, yes. Being vegetarian on a Monday to attract love, yes (I got this from a hindu housemate this year). I do spells.

I could keep going. I am attracted to certain rites from many religions. Diwali, Yom Kippur, Candlemas, Samhain, Nirvana, Joining for eternity. But I don't feel comfortable in removing my adherence to my monotheistic view of the world. So this year I aim to find a group of people who are welcoming to my ideas with the community feel of a church.

2. Be Debt-free. I have incredible debt. I owe $13500 to the bank and over $16000 to my parents. This is a cause of stress for me. It should not be this much at my age. I am single, don't own a car, don't own a house, have no children. I have however lived in Europe three times in the last decade. It hasn't gone to waste, but it shouldn't be. I am going to concentrate on bringing this debt down. If this was a resolution I would say 'eradicate' my debt... but as it is an anti-resolution, I am going to work on and bring it down.

3. Reduce my weight. I usually say 'lose my weight', but recently heard the comment - if I lose it, I can always find it again. I don't know how I am going to do this, but I am going to attempt it. This aim has been going since I was at a weight reduction club at ten (so... 17 years ago) and I think it will always be in my life. But at least if I concentrate on it for a little while in my new setting (hang on, new setting? I'll be back home) I may be able to remove some of this fat.

Three aims for the year. I don't think that they are onerous and you know what? I'm sure I can work on them... whether I will be debt-free, committed religious person or a size 10 girl remains to be seen.

As long as I can look back on the year and find ten good things that have happened and further me on my journey in spirit I will be happy.


  1. Yay for blogthis!

    I love your resolution to reduce your debt...I agree, 'eradicating' just seems so practical.

    Great post

  2. I like the comment about if you lose your weight, you will find it again...too right! It definately finds you when you have kids, peek-a-boo, fat has found you, AGAIN!!!!

  3. love your schmesolutions!! i'm going to do this challenge too... what a great idea. i love blog this!! have a great day and good luck with them all :)

  4. That's a great list - good luck with achieving it all!

  5. Very kool list! (And yes, the k is deliberate, lol).

    Off to become another groupie... oops, I meant follower!

  6. Sounds good to me! You sound like my type of girl, so I'll follow!

  7. Hey Moragg, I really enjoyed this simple list. I am very inline with you on your first point.

  8. You know, I'm so pleased to have found SOMEONE else who believes in The Secret. It cops a lot of flack when really, it can change your life. I've been doing it since I was 15 (but called it a declaration then) and even without picture boards and writing and drawing what you want, it's incredible what you can attract. Just picture the positive and in perfect ways and you can't go wrong. Good luck for 2010!

  9. Hi SM - thanks for the luck wishes! Hope your 2010 goes really well too. :)