Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm upset

I've got a 'food' headache. Something I used to have everyday of my life, until I took dairy and gluten out of my diet.

I've been eating them for broke over here... and have been OK for the past year and a bit.

But apparently, my tolerance has finished. Stupid digestive system.

But you know what? I'm kinda glad. It gives me the incentive to stop eating/drinking food that I know that I shouldn't when I get home.


  1. Don't you hate that?

    While I was pregnant, I could eat dairy to my hearts content and be fine. Post-pregnancy, even before my belly bounced back to it's normal shape (wait, that still hasn't happened), my lactose intolerance came back.

    Can you swing by the US of A on your way home and grab us some of those lactose pills that mean we can have milk again?

  2. You can get lact-eze at the health food store at the Newmarket Coles Complex... as long as it's still there.